Have you been in need of an emergency lockout service? Here are some tips to follow in this kind of situation!

Find out the importance of regular and proper maintenance of your doors and windows with the help of a qualified locksmith. Read these brilliant tips to enjoy a safer home or office environment. We keep updating this page with more, so remember to come back and check!

Choose a door lock made from a strong and durable material

The metal has to be resistant to impact and to the adverse effects of the elements. Brass and stainless steel are the best options for front and back doors. Our experts warn buyers to watch out for locksets made from zinc and that are brass-plated as they do not offer the same properties.

Keep keys inside bag compartments to avoid loss and damage

With this simple solution, you protect the metal blades and bows from accidents such as the spilling of water or any other kind of damaging liquid. Furthermore, it would be much more difficult for a key to accidentally slip and fall out of an interior bag compartment than from a pocket.

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