The Importance of Lock Upgrading

The Importance of Lock Upgrading

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You have strong and well operating door locks and you think that this is sufficient for keeping your property secure. However, you have to also ask yourself whether the devices are up to date. Over the years, lock technology evolves just like other types of technologies that people use. If you do not keep up with it, you may have lower security than you assume. Find out more about this problem and what you need to do to deal with it.The Importance of Lock Upgrading

Technology and Security

When a door lockset with more advanced technology is introduced in the market, it is new for both property owners and thieves. As time passes, thieves are more likely to develop one or more methods for overcoming it. These methods can be based on weaknesses of the respective device or on the use of even more advanced technology. That is why any type of lock tends to lose some of its effectiveness with time. When this is coupled with natural wear and tear, the need for regular upgrading becomes perfectly evident.

It is important to understand the upgrading is not the same thing as lock rekey or even replacement. The process of rekeying involves changing the pin configuration of the cylinder so that the lock can be used with a replacement key. This is an effective solution in case of lost or stolen keys. However, it does not involve the upgrading of the technology used. Similarly, if an old or malfunctioning lock is replaced with a new one which uses the same technology, there is no upgrading. The previous level of security is restored, but it does not get any higher.

Upgrading is all about getting a more advanced lock installed in the place of the old one. The new device has to be selected with great care. You should find out exactly how it offers higher security than the previous one. Digital locksets, for instance, can be used with access codes rather than with keys. In this way, there is no risk associated with key loss or theft. Furthermore, the code can be changed frequently so that it is harder to learn or to guess.

When selecting a new device, you should also focus on the technology used for its make. If you plan to go for new deadbolt installation, for example, you should find a device with a stronger make, thicker bolt and longer screws for strike plate attachment. These features may not seem technologically advanced, but they will actually give you the higher level of security that you require.

If you want to keep the security of your property optimal at all times, you should have all exterior door locks upgraded every five years or more frequently in case of growing crime rate in the local area or other adverse factors.

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