Wondering how to handle some common security and lock issues? Take a look at the FAQ here

How many questions do you have about auto chip keys and ways to deal with related problems? Wouldn't you wish you'd know more about key repairs and what to do when they get stuck? Take a look at the following answers to FAQ about keys and locks. You'll get your answers

How important is the number of pins in the keying system of a lock?

The number of pins determines the complexity of the lock. The more there are, the harder the device is to pick. Most home door locksets come with a five-pin system. However, it is also possible to find ones with six pins. This is certainly the better option.

Why does my lock keep getting rusty?

Our specialists explain that this usually happens when the device is constantly exposed to water or is in contact with corrosive chemicals. If this is not the case, then the device must be made from metal prone to rust and corrosion. In both cases, protective coating has to be applied. If this does not help, it is best to change the lock.

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